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Regardless of your technology budget size and the number of clients and accounts you serve, we have many “secret powers” in the form of software platforms and digital tools that help your clients’ businesses grow and prosper.

In fact, when we ask our agency partners what they need most to improve business and marketing campaign performance for their clients, we often hear responses like “tools that’ll help us make better, more informed decisions.”

Yes, digital media is fueled by information and analytics. As Gartner’s Peter Sondergaard said, “Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”

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Media Buying Platforms Help You Optimize Budgets

Digital Mouth has access to the industry’s media buying software platforms. These essential platforms help you optimize your media budgets and streamline what can be painstaking processes.

As marketing budgets continue to decline, these platforms help you optimize every dollar your client spends on media.

Google Display & Video 360
Google Ads
Google Analytics
Tik Tok
Yahoo & Bing

Data Science Provides Answers to the Questions Your Clients Ask

By leveraging data science, marketing agencies can now answer client questions like how much should I spend to achieve a specific business goal? And where should I spend that money?
Digital Mouth’s data science team and our intelligent tools will help you inform your ad targeting and media buying strategies. In a nutshell, you’ll be able to identify ​​new potential customers and target them with relevant advertising content on the right platforms at the right time.
Here’s a closer look at our data science capabilities:


Develop predictive models designed to report campaign performance changes in strategies and budgets.


Create pathways to consume and integrate client-specific operational data, which produces more robust predictive and campaign design efforts.


Cultivate and maintain a proprietary data lake used to fuel analytics and media planning efforts.


Create standalone environments to house research and new modeling efforts, such as building and testing artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to improve campaign management.


Benchmarking and sensitivity testing to support analytics-based campaign monitoring.

Media Scenario Tester — Quickly Evaluate Multiple Media Scenarios

Our Media Scenario Tester proprietary tool is one of our best superpowers. It uses algorithms and AI to quickly test and evaluate multiple media scenarios and budget levels to arrive at the best options for your clients. Step-by-step, here’s how this powerful tester works:

Upload current and historical media performance metrics

Apply 20-40 models to your data. Select 1–3 of the most accurate models.

Assess which models are the most accurate at predicting performance.

Input and test different budget options.

Run the models to learn the most optimum media budget allocations as well as outcome projections, such as conversions.

Answer media questions such as:

What’s the optimum media budget for any campaign, and how should I allocate my budget? What’s the optimum media budget allocation across channels, geographies, creatives and audience segments? What are the estimated business results at various spending levels? What budget is needed to hit a specific business goal/quota? How are sales/business impacted by a budget increase or decrease?

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“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”

Peter Sondergaard, Gartner

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We’re built different—we give brands a way to sink their teeth into real-time performance metrics and leverage data for their toughest programmatic and media challenges.

Media planning, precision targeting, data and analytics, and executive reporting. These are our four cornerstones of capabilities you can customize and package to help your clients grow.