Expand Your Agency’s Offerings: Partnering with Advertising Specialists

Creative agencies thrive on innovation, continuously finding new ways to visually captivate a global audience. But getting it Infront of the right audience when using paid advertising can become a challenge, sometimes even for the advertising experts.

With paid advertising growing ever more complex as algorithms change, new media forms arise, and the marketing being so densely saturated with competition, it is vital to spend an advertising budget effectively. This can be difficult, however, for an agency with a specialization in creative design. That is where a strategic partnership with an advertising agency can help.

Unlike a creative agency, advertising agencies specialize in understanding each adverting platform and how to optimize for the best results. Between their understanding of data analytics and the ranges of tools at their disposal, the right agency can be the difference between a successful campaign and the loss of a client.

Why does partnering with specialists matter?

A compelling brand story with the right visuals can create a desire for a product or service within an audience, and creative agencies excel at building those relationships with the consumer. However if it isn’t placed in front of the right audience, that audience being the consumer, then all of the effort that went into creative is wasted. And with the world of advertising being so multifaceted and vast, this is a hard goal to target. This is where your partnered advertising agency is important.

  1. Expertise Meets Creativity: Envision the powerful combination of creative thinking that is being driven by data-backed analytics. Advertising specialists bring to the table their industry knowledge that combines these two. Advertising specialists are industry experts in paid advertising platforms, audience targeting, and campaign optimization. 
  2. Staying Ahead of the Curve: Advertising platforms algorithms change faster than you can say “click-through-rate”. A traditional marketing strategy can’t keep up with this, and with so many moving cogs it becomes nearly impossible to do so. But an advertising agency only focuses on the advertising aspect of marketing, meaning that their focus is ensuring that they are keeping up with these changes. This ensures that a campaign is consistently on the cutting edge, from algorithm shifts to new platforms.
  3. Access to Advanced Tools: Staying on the cutting edge often requires that we rely on advanced tools that share deconstructed data with us in a specific way. Advertising specialists have access to these tools that provide enhanced analytics and precise tracking well beyond the average capabilities a standard marketer. These tools allow us to enhance the performance of a campaign.
  4. Time and Resource Efficiency: Your team or an outsourced marketing team can get busy with the creative designs and execution, often leaving little room to try and master a new skill. So outsourcing your advertising efforts to someone who already has those skills saves time and resources while making your ads more effective and adaptable.

How do you find the right specialty partner?

Congratulations! You’ve fought half the battle in learning about the importance of partnering with a specialist. At this point you’ve also likely identified where an advertising agency would be able to help. The other half of the battle is simply picking the right partner for you.

  1. Industry Experience: Finding specialists with a proven track record of working along side creative marketing agencies is vital. Not every advertising agency has that experience. The ad agencies with that experience should understand the unique challenges and objectives this partnership has.
  2. Compatibility: For stronger results, a partnership with shared work culture and values is helpful. If a partnership is not harmonious from the start, it is unlikely that you will get the results you are looking for.
  3. Proven Results: Ask a potential partner agency for case studies of clients that share similarities so that you can guage past performance. Quantifiable results speak volumes to an agency’s capabilities.
  4. Collaboration Capabilities: Every business has a unique workflow. Some workflows can work together, some cannot. Ensure that the ad partner can integrate your businesses workflow into their own.
  5. Tech Stack: Data is what allows for advertisers to do what they do best. Look for a partner that has customizable reporting capabilities, algorithmic forecasting, ample supply sources, and whatever else you need for your ads.

In conclusion, the successful creative agencies of the future are the ones that embrace the power of partnerships. Teaming up with a powerhouse of an ad agency that has the right team and the right tools to navigate the complexities of paid advertising, it allows creative agencies to do what they do best. It’s not just about expanding your agency’s offerings; it’s about expanding your agency’s potential.