How We’re Different

Data Science to Technology Platforms to White Labeling

Our data gives brands a way to sink their teeth into real-time performance metrics.

Everything Under One Roof

It’s rare to find data science experts, digital media strategists, and campaign managers under one roof. We employ specialized knowledge workers, so you don’t have to hire your own. It’s challenging to find top talent!

Besides, building new competencies and capabilities will only distract you from managing your core business.

We give brands a way to sink their teeth into real-time performance metrics and leverage data for their toughest programmatic and media challenges.

Problem Solving
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Partnership Services

When you partner with us, however, you don’t have to worry if your systems and processes are up to date. We track the trends to ensure the software platforms we use represent the industry’s finest.

But that’s not all: our team works with you to tailor the services you need to help your clients grow and prosper.

As one client put it —

“Digital Mouth has eased the struggle of navigating an
ever-changing digital landscape by staying on top of new trends, making strategic recommendations, and ensuring optimal performance.”

Dedicated account manager

Beginning day one, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to help you create and execute your strategy. Your account manager will:

Conduct regular meetings to update you on your campaign progress.

Provide you with timely, consolidated reporting.

Work with you to quickly identify new opportunities and optimizations.

Respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have.

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White Labeling

We’ll help you package a set of capabilities from our broad portfolio of offerings that you can brand as your services. In other words, your executive reports, deep analyses and media rundowns feature your agency’s logo, not ours.
Think of it as store-branded potato chips, except immensely more valuable.

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Ready to level up your digital media capabilities with experts in data science, predictive analytics and cutting-edge tech?

Let’s talk.

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We’ve built our business on four cornerstones of capabilities you can customize and package to help your clients grow faster and dominate their competition.

Regardless of your technology budget size and the number of clients and accounts you serve, we have many “secret powers” in the form of software platforms and digital tools that help your clients’ businesses prosper.