Lead Form Assets For Google Ads

By Camron Shoushtarian, Digital Campaign Manager

Are your website’s conversion rates not as high as you’d like them? To enhance performance results, our team highly recommends following CRO best practices and testing and optimizing landing pages. But did you know that incorporating off-site conversions can also drive remarkable success? These conversions occur without users even visiting your website and can include actions like calls from ads, obtaining directions, or utilizing lead form extensions.

Lead form extensions are extremely beneficial in that they allow advertisers to generate leads form directly within their ad, making it easier for customers to submit their information. This reduces the steps a user takes to convert and makes it more convenient for users to engage with your business. By reducing the steps and utilizing autofill allows users to submit their information easier, users are more likely to complete a lead form when it is easily accessible and requires minimal effort. The convenience factor can significantly improve your campaign’s performance and lead generation.

Lead form extensions are particularly valuable for mobile users. Since the forms are integrated within the ad, users can submit their information without leaving the search results page or the website they are browsing. This mobile-friendly approach improves the user experience and increases the likelihood of capturing leads from mobile traffic.

Lead form extensions can save you time by simplifying the lead generation process. With a streamlined user experience and direct data capture, you can avoid the need to build more lead forms on your site.

Lead form extensions can make your ads more engaging and interactive. Users can interact with your ad by filling out the lead form, which creates an active engagement point rather than a passive viewing experience. This can lead to higher ad interaction rates and increased brand engagement.

These extensions are customizable allowing you to change the content displayed and asked in the form, and submission page. By asking qualifying questions you can ensure the users completing your forms are qualified leads. You can also test multiple versions or variations of the extensions changing things like the image, text, questions, etc.

Let us know what conversion pattern you want us to optimize towards. By default we will use “More Qualified” but can change the lead form type to “More Volume”. This option will impact the cost per lead and the number of leads collected. We can make this change or any other change to the lead form type at any time during the flight.

Some of our clients opt to have a blend of both “More Volume” and “More Qualified” doing so we allow both leads extensions to serve 50% of the time.

The lead data collected through the lead form extensions can be automatically synchronized with your CRM system. This synchronization eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. By automatically populating your CRM with the captured lead data, you can ensure that all relevant information is readily available for your sales and marketing teams.

Integrating lead form data with your CRM allows for better tracking and analysis of lead interactions and conversions. You can gain valuable insights into the customer journey, track touchpoints, and attribute conversions accurately. This comprehensive view of lead activities and conversions provides you with a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and helps optimize your marketing strategies accordingly.

If you don’t currently have a CRM that you wish to link with, there are still various options available to leverage the data captured through lead form extensions. One such approach involves setting up lead form actions to facilitate actions like updating a Google Sheet, sending an email, or implementing any other desired action using tools like Zapier.

We can also import your leads based on whether they have converted or qualified. This feature enables us to consolidate your marketing funnel data, providing a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ journey. It also allows us to benefit from enhanced conversion reporting, empowering Google to optimize your ads and bidding strategy more effectively, ensuring alignment with your goals.

By utilizing lead form extensions we can help you enhance user engagement, boost conversion rates, capture higher quality leads, and simplify the lead generation process. Making lead form extensions a valuable tool for maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

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