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A Fledging Insulated Cooler Company Generates Nearly $300K in Sales With Multi-Faceted Digital Marketing Campaign

Organization: National high-end insulated cooler company
Industry: Retail/E-commerce


A newly established high-end camping cooler company struggling to meet its sales goals.

It can be a challenge differentiating products in the competitive insulated cooler market, even for an innovative, luxury brand that wanted to compete head-to-head with larger, widely known companies. The client encountered difficulties in selling units and experienced a low return on investment for each unit sold.

Our client wanted to make a name for itself in a niche space where customers are willing to pay a premium for higher-quality, longer-lasting coolers. The objective was to enhance brand recognition, expand awareness, and, most importantly, drive increased cooler sales without breaking the bank.


Targeting several key audience segments with tailored messaging through multiple media channels

The key to designing a digital marketing mix for accomplishing our client’s goals was researching and understanding their target customers: outdoor enthusiasts, campers, beachgoers, and frequent travelers. Another key audience focused on individuals with upcoming birthdays. With several target audiences identified, Digital Mouth went to work selecting an optimum mix of digital media tactics.

1. Selected paid social media (particularly Facebook) and paid search to engage outdoor enthusiasts to build awareness and drive cooler purchases.

2. Selected search to find users searching for brand terms, competitor terms, as well as people actively looking for reliable, durable, and versatile high-end coolers.

3. Focused on beachgoers, beer drinkers and outdoor enthusiasts in spring and summer. Focused on campers, tailgaters and football fans in the fall and winter.

4. Designed tailored messaging and increased media budgets to take advantage of holidays where consumers increase spending: Memorial Day, July 4, Amazon Prime Day, and Labor Day, for instance.

5. Used email lists to engage past purchasers to increase awareness of the company’s branded coolers and leveraged look-alike audiences to increase initial awareness and future sales.

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Successful campaign drives nearly $300K in sales with a $5 ROI

Throughout the course of the campaign the company generated nearly $300,000 in sales with a $5.00 ROI while generating 2.3M Impressions. Over 930 coolers were sold in four months, and more than 52,000 people liked, commented, shared, or engaged with the company’s Facebook page directly from our advertising campaign. Additionally, our advertising campaign yielded remarkable results by achieving both the highest one-day and one-month sales figures in the history of our company.

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