5 Strategies to Generate Leads For Your Business

By Michael Vucovich, Lead Data Scientist

Are you a business owner looking to keep your business in good shape? If that sounds like you, you need to constantly generate leads for your products and/or services. Lead generation helps you persuade interested or curious customers to take action, giving you the opportunity to initiate conversations with your potential customers.

If you have trouble attracting leads to your business, we have five strategies to help you generate leads.

Create Engaging Content

Most people go online to search for something – whether it’s for directions, to buy a product, or to learn more about a topic. You can create content that helps you target your audience online by addressing their pain points and providing solutions. You can do this with paid search ads and by improving the landing page experience. You can try the traditional PPC or search engine text ads, which show up on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Google AdWords is the most popular these days, although other search engine sites like Yahoo and Bing also have them.

Now, why is your landing page important? Because it’s the first thing that people see when they click on your ad and visit your website. You want to ensure that the ad’s messaging matches that of the landing page. Both should promote the same products or services.

See to it that each landing page is original and not a carbon copy of one another. Use different and creative ways to explain each product or service in a friendly, concise, and clear manner. Think about your target audience always when crafting content.

Test Your Ad Campaigns

It is not enough to imitate and learn from others’ successful online ad campaigns. To ensure success, you need to do split testing. Test in areas even when you don’t think you need to, as these may produce unexpected results. Testing is critical – sometimes changing just one to two words can make an impact for your marketing campaign, thus helping you generate more leads than you expected.

Every business needs to drive leads. By using these proven strategies, you can drive leads to help you increase revenue.


Retargeting is a marketing strategy that displays ads based on the user’s recent search history. For example, users who have searched for holiday destinations will find display ads from airlines, hotels, and tours. Retargeting is also used to attract people who have recently visited your website or clicked on your social media campaigns.

Remarketing content is a great way to target people who are looking for the things your business offers and convert them into leads. It’s also a technique to increase your brand awareness and recognition.

Facebook Lead Generation

Millions of people are using Facebook when searching for products and services they need. This is why Facebook Lead Generation has become a powerful tool for businesses to grow their customer base. Facebook can be used to collect customer contact information directly from the ad.  The process is easy for customers as it just requires minimal effort on their part for them to provide their details and complete the form. No need to fill out lengthy forms to sign up for a sample demo or register for an event. Or even navigate to the website.

Lead ads are customizable, allowing you to ask potential clients the most crucial questions first. That’s one way you can take advantage of lead ads to target specific audiences.

Programmatic Display

Programmatic Display is a type of digital advertising that uses automated processes to purchase digital ad space in real time. It is currently one of the most popular strategies to reach targeted audiences with relevant ads.

Many marketers swear by its effectiveness. It drives impressions and yields better ROI because it uses traffic data and online display targeting. With programmatic display, your campaigns will no longer be a hit-or-miss. They will be more targeted, efficient, and cost-effective.

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