We’re here to help you pinpoint your actual customers and guide you to a more successful business.

Who Is Digital Mouth?

Our Mission
At Digital Mouth, our mission is to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns through hyper-local targeting, audience profiling and segmentation, data analysis and thoughtful optimization.

Digital Mouth Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple; Target, Track, Analyze and Optimize.  We rely on big data to save advertisers money by identifying their specific audience segments and matching them with the products and services they care most about.

Our Promise

We promise to do more than just run ad campaigns, to do more than just report on impressions and clicks.  Our promise is to stop making assumptions, and to start driving results.  Our promise is to better identify, target, reach and track your customers.  Our promise is to make online marketing work for your business.

We Deliver Results

If you haven’t noticed yet, we are data driven.  Whether your goals are to promote grand openings, events or giveaways, drive coupon redemptions, collect and build email marketing or loyalty programs, increase brand awareness, improve reach & frequency, gather customer intelligence or any other objective, we will establish a custom tracking methodology that provides clear insight into performance and the ability to ongoing optimization and improvements.

We Do The Work For You.

Digital Mouth is a full service online marketing provider focused on building custom solutions for each unique business, franchise, brand, product, and event that we work with.