Target high-quality prospects
with location-based ads

Specialized Geotargeting

Specialized geotargeting allows you to target and retarget prospects based on where they live, work, or visit, and is essential to efficient budget spend. Leveraging cookies and mobile device location services, you can target prospects when they’re near your store or a competitor’s store, or identify a qualified prospect based on where they’ve been, such as a sports event or an industry conference.

Specialized Geotargeting Types

  • Use geo-fencing to cherry-pick specific target or exclusion areas, and reconfigure your map as your strategy evolves.
  • Use proximity targeting to hone in on areas close to event spaces or company/store addresses during a specific timeframe(s) on a specific date(s). Ideal for large events or conferences. Mobile in-app only (320×50).
  • Use proximity retargeting to retarget users captured via proximity targeting clicks. Mobile in-app only (320×50).
  • Use past event proximity targeting to identify and target users that were at a given location at a particular date and time range in the past. Ideal for large events or conferences. Mobile in-app only (320×50).
  • Use radial targeting to hit a radius around a specific area, with increasing or diminishing bids depending on proximity to a primary location.
  • Use geolocation retargeting to retarget users who have physically been to a specific location or list of locations within the past 30 days. Mobile in-app only (320×50).
  • Use retargeting to reconnect with leads who have shown interest in your products by visiting your store or a competitor’s store.

Why Utilize Specialized Geotargeting Targeting?

  • Track offline or “last mile” conversions to measure your adversiting success.
  • Get performance reports by location levels:
  • Towns
  • Cities
  • Zip Codes
  • Radii
  • Counties
  • DMAs
  • States
  • Countries

• Target precise areas or locations to drive a high return on investment or target larger regions or multi-regions for high reachability.
• Reach audiences near relevant locations during specific date and timeframes.
• Align your messaging and creative to the location where it will be seen.
• Spend budget wisely by utilizing bid multipliers based on location priorities.

RECOMMENDED GOALS Brand awareness, lead generation, lead conversion,
competitive conquesting, store traffic, web traffic, promotions, product release


COMPLIMENTARY TACTICS Event targeting, omnichannel targeting,
cross-device targeting, weather and temperature targeting, audience data
targeting, retargeting.

Who is Specialized Geotargeting For?

Specialized Geotargeting is for any business that is interested in targeting audience segments who attend specific events and conferences, or who have other brick and mortar locations:

  • Retailers
  • Restaurants or cafes
  • Sports
  • Clothing
  • Entertainment
  • Universities and colleges
  • B2C
  • B2B

Example Strategies for Specialized Geotargeting


An exercise clothing retailer is looking to increase its brand awareness and drive conversions in a major metropolitan area. They decide to set up a specialized geotargeting campaign to target and retarget runners who participated in a local half marathon.


A local coffee shop is interested in increasing their market share of local coffee drinkers, whose business is spread among three local coffee shops. Working with Digital Mouth, they developed a specialized geotargeting strategy to target and retarget customers of its competitors with promotions for a new drink they are offering at their neighborhood store.

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