Data science is more than a buzzword here; it’s a lifestyle.

Data and Technology

Data Science is a buzzword these days, with a different definition depending on who you ask. At Digital Mouth, we define it in practical terms: optimizing your campaigns with advanced analytics. Most agencies simply launch campaigns, create simple dashboards, and then deliver basic performance metrics. Digital Mouth leverages 15 years of experience in statistics, informatics, data governance, and artificial intelligence to provide you with integrated, cross-channel analytics to optimize your campaign every step of the way.

Data-Driven Ad Buying

Before we begin any campaign, we:

  • Take the time to learn more about your goals and target audience.
  • Review any first-party data you may have already gathered.
  • Assist in fully utilizing your first-party customer and prospect data.
  • Give you access to more than 100 third-party data providers for customized reachability.
  • Develop a digital marketing plan that incorporates all the data available so that we’re buying ads intelligently from the start.

Cross-Channel Reporting and Analytics

There is an immense amount of data capture and number crunching that goes on behind the scenes at Digital Mouth, and our proprietary technology is the cornerstone of it all. We put technology first to capture and consolidate data about how your ads perform across all platforms and channels – and then we quickly share it all with you.

Our proprietary technology:

  • Captures comprehensive and integrated, cross-platform data on every single ad you buy, giving you an unparalleled holistic view of your digital media performance.
  • Ensures that you’re comparing apples to apples when you aggregate and compare across platforms and channels.
  • Uses complex algorithms to analyze the raw data of your ad performance and present actionable insights on an easy-to-use online dashboard.

Access to Extensive Data and Inventory

Digital Mouth has access to:

  • Enterprise-level inventories and efficiencies of demand side platforms (DSPs) that normally only large agencies can afford.
  • Automated ad-serving capabilities and reporting, and an account manager to implement and verify.
  • A long list of third-party data providers and more than 1,000 audience overlays.

“When I started working with Digital Mouth, I was relatively new to digital advertising. My Digital Mouth account manager made time to get me up to speed and never made me feel like I was a bother. She addresses all my questions and we collaborate to optimize performance.”

– Nora Connors, Account Manager
Triad Group

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